My Birthday

Extrait de mon blog dédié à mes séjours d’entrainement en Chine (séjour 2015) Reportage 7

Every year it comes again: The birthday! How old I am now? – Guess it! Even with my new he-goat mustache, as I can give you as a hint, the majority supposes that I am much younger than I am in reality. – Thanks for that!

So, what to do on a birthday if you are so far away from home and you do not really have your own space like your appartment or house?

As usual in China and likely elsewhere: Play your contacts and stear the conversations towards such an event. The rest will come from alone.

So it has been said, so it is done.

On my demand a friend , co – owner of one of the local youth hostels, has borrowed me his kitchen! So I could invite 7 persons. Amongst them himself, a friend of my former kung fu school, two female friends, an older lady that i know just by the way and my actual « Ba Gua Quan » trainer.

What we have eaten:


Nice baked potatoes, meat loafs germand stile (smashed meat from pork, egg, old breat, as alternative toast, salt, pepper), green beans, poached tomatoes, mushrooms (look similar to ceps but just the half as big). The baked potatoes, meat loafs and mushrooms where baked in butter. Yes! Unbelievable but true, out here in this little town somewhere in China they do have butter! And thanks to my contacts a got round about 100 gramms for free!

Now the dessert:


A marmor cake with a filling of caramelised grapes, baked in a…. WOK!

Maybe the one or other wants to know how to do that?

Ok, here the recipe:

little grapes, those without stones, cut in halfs and caramelised in some sugar

200 g flour with some baking powder, 2 eggs and 100 g sugar to mix. Some butter with 200 g chocolate (had the 70%) to melt and to let cool down, add to the flour mix.

100 g flour with some baking powder, 1 egg and 50 g sugar to me mixed.

Give some fat in the WOK (by the way, oil is ok too), add the 100 g mix and let it go a little bit.

Add the grapes on the top.

Put the 200 g mix on the top.

Let it go for 10 minutes at low temperature. Than for another 15 – 20 minutes at low temperature. Well, and than do NOT the same error like I did and ask yourself why it does not become more hard…! Just pull the WOK of the fire and let it cool down. Otherwise it may happen what has happened to me: What has been supposed to become a light surface would become slightly to dark… Oups. However you can cut it of later.


As soon as the cake is cooled down, lift it carefully up from the WOK surface. Put a huge plate or similar above the WOK , turn both and this master piece is ready to be served! Bon appetit!


Than we start the meal! A delight to see how my chinese mates sit around the table with big eyes and tried to eat my plain fare with chopsticks! Just great!

In any way it has tasted to everybody and they even asked for more! Excellent, this is like it has to be! Additionally we had a good french red wind of the year 2011 that I especially brought for that. A present of my Taiji teacher in France! The gods and I will know to thank him for that!

And for the cake I have seved a white wine from the « Great Wall ». I have to admit that it was not that bad at all!