Ba Xian Gun

Extrait de mon blog dédié à mes séjours d’entrainement en Chine (séjour 2015) Reportage 10

Ba Xian Gun (Eight Immortals Stick) includes 61 postures. This form is one of the many kung fu treasures found on Wudang Mountain. It was created by imitating the features and characteristics of the eight Taoist Immortals:

1) He Xian Gu (with lotus flowers)
2) Tie guai Li (with pilgrim’s gourd and iron crutch)
3) Cao Guo Jiu (with castanets)
4) Lu Dong bin (with fly-wisk and sword)
5) Han Xiang zi (with a flute)
6) Han zhong li (with fan and peach of immortality)
7) Lan Cai he (with basket of flowers)
8) Zhang Guo lao (with drum)

More information to the eight immortals is available under this link: