Since one month in Wudang Shan

Extrait de mon blog dédié à mes séjours d’entrainement en Chine (séjour 2015) Reportage 4

Since now more than one month I am at the school in Wudangshan to learn Tai Chi and diverse thins around it.

As described in former posts especially at the beginning there were several smaller problems. Starting from administrative things to behavior of the population as we do know that in Europe and many other things. It also has been difficult because there are so many things different than I am used to know them. And as everybody pending on his ethnicity and live experience brings different habitudes than such an excursion can show up with several discrepancies. Therefore such a journey however can be very useful in regards to break up your own stubbornness or in other words bad habitudes and to call for a change.

In the meanwhile I got used to the most. Even the notorious smacking, slurping and sniffing shots. Also the peculiarity that the most have the need to get their asses kicked twice in order to make them to do or even deliver their job correctly from a Chinese point of view. And that even start to become fun. On what I did not get used to is the air quality. And about the 3 times a day rice I do not gripe any more. The main point is that I am filled up. Maybe a sign of frugality and still being satisfied?

At this point:

It is really notable that the most inhabitants out here are quite simple persons, or at least in relation to the west. They do not have much, the housings are simple or from our point of view of low quality but even though: The most out here seem to be happy with what they do have and on top of that like to share! Hard to believe but true. Another quite nice experience that I have not lived like that until so far.

At the other hand side there is the fact that as a non – Chinese i.e. at the market they like to trick you out. But if you know about it you can avoid it.

Apart from that I can say that the Chinese are quite convivial, almost curious people. If there is something to celebrate and to play than they are quite quick ready to take part of it.

Even the farms are somewhat messed up that nobody out of our hemisphere would just have the most little idea to go there just ask for “fresh” eggs. It is because the chicken run around in a garbage dump even so the farm is out in the nature. But is still a garbage dump.

And the little animals that do exist here do not exite me any longer; Even the millipede in the below shown photos does not. At the beginning I didn’t know what he is like. So I kicked him a little bit with a little stick. He hasn’t asked three time to repeat that again when he suddenly lifted up his red head and started to run towards to me! That surprised me a lot! And I even looked more surprised when he started spraying a light green liquid! – Well, I decided to leave him alone than and learned some later on that this specimen is really base and mean and will become later on a ugly moth.

So, after all, even after several issues at the beginning and many challenges that will come up without any doubts, it is great to be here!

Wudangshan is relatively quickly done. Close by is the Wudang Mountain, famous for the temple areas. This one I am going to visit around end of October. The reason is simply that I want to see the scenery in autumn like colored deciduous woodland. Additionally it will be much cooler than and therefore the thousands of stairs that are required to step up and down in the mountaings will be much easier to be done.

In the city there is even not a real good bar. Well, you could try it at the one or other hotel bar, but they are not worth to go there. Than there is “K-TV”. A karaoke bar. This has been described in the article about a chinese birthday already. So far so well than there are different smaller and bigger lakes. And by any reason they are all called “Taiji Lake”. One of them is not far away from school, goes to the border of town and is supposed to be the second largest barrier lake of China. – I don’t believe that as there is not much water in. See the article about a day in Wudangshan. In town you can borrow bikes. For one up to three or even four persons. It is an enormous fun to ride down to the like with them! – And to survive the city traffic….And that’s basically with the activities. Now you could ask the question what the inhabitants are doing? Well, that’s easy: to meet each other in the evening somewhere at the public places, if they do know each other or not, to “dance” to scuril loud music, do music on their own, do gamble with cards or a kind of domino stones on the streets. Let’s call it a “auto – animation”. Looking at that I always have the impression that the Chinese kept somethings from their childhood that has been un – educated in our “western – civilized” world.

I even get proofs out here that under specific circumstances even under business point of view it is possible to get along with each other without any money and to do good business. As per the moto “you cook for me, I repair something for you”. Or more easy “one hand washes the other”, everything is related to know each other on a confident and respectful basis. And all this with most easiest means, without bureaucratic means and obstacles.

Step by step I start to feel quite well here.