Excursion to the Valley of Qin People

Extrait de mon blog dédié à mes séjours d’entrainement en Chine (séjour 2015) Reportage 5

Organized by another student coming from Hong Kong it should go to the mountains today in a village named „Guqin Village“ (« Valley of Qing People »). A guqin is a chinese cittern.

Fort hat purpose a privat bus with driver has been organized to transport 7 persons. The cost has been estimated at 70 RMB per person to pay the bus and foodstuff for the village people.

We started at 06:30, at first direction to a close by small town to have some breakfast. Exceptionally no rice but fresh noodles with some meat and…. Chili. But it was tasty. After that we walked through the local market to purchase our stuff. Under others a 10 kg sack of rice, fruits, veggies and different other smaller items. After several deviations we drove via very narrow mountains paths up to 300 meters altitude. There I was requested to carry on the sack of rice for another kilometer via small mountains paths up to the village. I carried that on my head as I need at least one free hand to stabilize myself…

In the meanwhile I even felt the altitude in my head: a notorious slight humming. Well, maybe it was basically the weather that has been quite cloudy. At first we were invited to get a seat at the terrace for a homemade tea. After a very general presentation round some guqin music was plaid. A very pleasant type of sound and fitted perfectly into the landscape! By chance the boss of the village knew a very good Chinese friend of mine who comes to him from time to time to learn to play the guqin. So I told him that I am the one who gave to this Chinese friend her western name “Skye”. As the boss of the village became father of a girl not to long time ago he asked me to give his daughter a german name. After some more guqin and tea I suddenly had the pre-name “Karin” in my mind. Therefore his daughter is called “Karin” now. Something like that is a big honour if those people ask to give a name to her children. A kind of spiritual connection is created. That’s why there are some photos of that here after.

Than a few persons, me included, the guqin production has been shown. The pure drying and preparation process of the wood takes 6 years already! The chief is able to produce up to 15 Guqin per year.

He also has shown us photos how his community has built up the village 3 years ago. Each single fence made out of bamboo, each house of wattle and loam, the little village place of stone the big covered wooden terrace the field, in short: Everything!

Even the tea – plantations behind the village.

A part of the production is for sale the rest is kept. And the live from the construction and selling of guqins as well as some visitors that stay longer than one day in the village. Of course the do cultivate in this village the for this area usual Taiji and Qi Gong…!

After this circuit the meal was served; Ok, it has been the usual, means rice, mixed veggies and some parts of chicken meat. But! Almost no oil, not that spicy and no salt! – Utterly DELICIOUS!

After that another round of tea took place and we were given some homemade “white “ and “black” tea. And than, suddenly, I was asked if I would not like to show my Taiji. I was somewhat surprised that I have started indeed, but have had to restart. – Oups. Nevertheless they were lucky with that and I was allowed seeing their Taiji too. And now I do have one more contact here in China!

At the end all those who wanted could get a try in calligraphy. So I did. And my written character has been well received with enthusiasm, even though and without any doubt I haven’t hold the brush correctly. However the result was good! This character means “heart, love, friendship”.

Once again also here, in accordance to Chinese manners, at the end we had a photo – session.

And as it could be expected, it has been revealed at the end of the journey by the organizer, which another 22 RMB would have to be paid. For whatever, remark to do a present to the village people in form of money, however for what the rest has been dispensed is unknown.

Any way. This has been the greatest and most worth to experience journey since my arrival!