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Hiking Wudang Mountain

Extrait de mon blog dédié à mes séjours d’entrainement en Chine (séjour 2015) Reportage 8

It is weekend again and the question pops up and has been present since a while already: What to do?

With friends in town it has been discussed a while ago to go to a close by UNESCO protected area called « NANYANG ». There is a temple named « WU LONG GONG » (five dragon temple) and the so called « Care Free Valley ». For sure this area is much bigger and full of temples. However I was interested in the before mentioned ones. And so it has been decided that we should go. But, due to some circumstances of a girl friend, this has been requestioned again. And so we discussed again, last wednesday evening. Suddenly it was ok again to go there. How about Thursday early morning? Ok for me. Than it became crazy. Crazy for the idea to quickly eat something and straight away, wednesday night, to move on… Ok, why not, good for me. So let’s go! So, quickly eaten something, organize a taxi driver, tent, camping stuff, buy food and go!


Normally it costs 250 RMB to enter to the park. But by any means we arranged it with the park officers … for free… Only the taxiddriver has had to be paid.

During a half hour ride with three persons through narrow curves steep up the mountain almost to the temple. Further 1.5 km to carry our comping affairs and we stood on the temple area.

We decided to build up our tent directly at the wall of the tempel; This has been done quickly and we could take our picknick, tell us stories and to take a rest with three in the tent…closely… Ok, the night was not that comfortable, however the ambiance has been great!

Exactly at 05:00 in the morning the hell broke was let loose! Loud prayings with loud chimes resounded and a huge mass of Chinese run to the temple area! Loudly shouting, spitting and like you can imagine huge masses of humans. Therefore we decided to just go with them. Up to the temple, see how they pray and come back to have a little breakfast in silence. After that getting our camping materials and continue the route. In some way we arranged it with construction workers to take care on our material until a taxi driver would come to pick it up while we continued hiking.

And that in direction to the « Care Free Valley ». Many, many, many stairs… Up and down, basically never shallow, but up and down. That goes directly into the legs!


But is was great and worth the experience! Not only by the landscape and bulidings, but emotionally – inter human.

Back to Wudangshan we took a coffee that we could not have for breakfast and some later a good powerful meal!

A wonderful experience!

By the way, it is said that several of these constructions are ca 1000 years old already. However, during the chinese cultural revolution a lot has been destroyed. And so, it is said, later on 300.000 persons were engaged during 12 years to make thise area what it is today.